Turbosquid.com – A huge collection of 3D models (a small portion of which are available for free).

BadKing.com’s Model Library – an impressive collection of ZBrush models, including many free models.

Free3D.com – A huge collection of 3D models. Seems like they have more free ZBrush ones than Turbosquid.

CGTrader.com – a huge collection of 3D models, similar to Turbosquid and Free3D.

Hum3D.com – a collection of 3D models. Seems to lack the filtering options websites like Turbosquid have.

Yeggi.com – contains about 2,000 printable ZBrush models.

3DExport.com – a huge collection of 3D models.

Sketchfab.com – a 3D interactive gallery and download center of 3D models. Check out our dedicated SketchFab gallery page here.

ZBrush Central’s Default Free Zbrush ZTL / Model Thread – a collection of free ZBrush tools by the ZBrush Central community.

Free Gladiator Model – an impressive model accompanied with pictures and ideas for possible uses.

http://Nick Zuccarello’s muscular human male model – a free model of a muscular human male that took Nick 3 years of on and off work to create.

Zbrushguides.com’s tools – a collection of tools including a multi-eye insert tool and a peacock feather tool.

free spiderman model

3rd Eye Blind – a detailed model of an alien, including pictures and explanations.


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