Created for the Artstation “Feudal Japan: The Shogunate” challenge. Based on concept art by the artist Nuo Xu. Read the challenge progress thread here.

This was a fun opportunity to research the Japanese Tea Ceremony and the aesthetic designs of its different utensils. This is also my first time playing with inner scene lighting (the lamps, teapot inner part and third eye), producing toon renders and drawing a 2D background (the clouds).

meaning of the kanji on the different scrolls:
garden 庭 flower 花 grace 恩
pottery 浮 lamp 灯 bowl 鉢
floating 浮 tea 茶 shop 店
welcome 迎 guest 客 rest 休
venerable hold man 翁 heart 奥 trust 頼


Toon Face Detailed

Toon Face Minimalistic


Turntable Video

Toon Turntable Video

Toon Face Turntable Video

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