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Hi. You’ve reached my portfolio website for digital sculptures. My name is Tom. I’m a physics PhD student born in Israel, now living in Heidelberg, Germany. I like spending time in the forests around here, either by walking, jogging or just lying down and observing. I also like bicycle riding along the river to the east or along the wine orchards to the north. In my home area in Israel I like exploring the dark and silent cave systems hidden in the surrounding hills. I like organising social experiments in the street such as eye contact and blind free hugs, as well as walking barefoot, facepainted and/or with a banana peel on my head. Indoors I exercise, practice Yoga and Tai Chi, meditate, dance (contact dance) and sing (mantras in a group or just Disney songs in German, English and Hebrew when I’m alone). I also like reading fantasy and spirituality books. I appreciate people who are brave enough to show themselves and to feel comfortable with vulnerability, honesty and silence. I find it challenging to appreciate small talk and fear-driven behaviour in general. I don’t eat animal products (vegan).

My Art:

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Cow - Light Wood Close Up


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