Pablo Munoz’s – A great ZBrush website containing lots of useful resources by Pablo Munoz. You can really feel his passion towards ZBrush just from the way hes writing. The presentation is great too – his tutorials are rich with informative video clips and his products have nicely designed thumbnails.

Michael Pavlovich’s Youtube Channel – I linked a lot of his videos in the tutorials page already, but just to make sure you don’t miss him I include him in the links page as well. He has tons of instructive ZBrush videos, all narrated in a fast and straight-to-the-point style.

PureRef – A great free program for displaying reference images. Sculpt on one screen while having this on your other screen. Download lots of reference images, load them all with one command into the program and learn the hotkeys for panning and zooming. I use it for all of my projects.’s “Indispensable ZBbrush Resources” list – A list of useful ZBrush resources. – A great source for landscape “alphas” just as mountains and valleys.

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